Monday, May 17, 2010

I know the my life will never be the same

River is my dog.
River is a sweet beast.
He has huge feet, floppy ears and perhaps the most beautiful ice-blue eyes
He was free.
He eats a lot.
And doesn't fetch.
Or play tug of war.
But he likes food.
He doesn't like cows.
Unless I am with him. Then he doesn't mind them so much.
He likes being outside.
He also likes to get up early.
Like 5:45 am early.
Sleeping in is not often an option for me anymore.
He likes to run and chase me.
I like to chase him.
River has some good manners.
He can sit.
And lay down.
And take things from your hand nicely.
He will wait outside until you invite him in.
He likes to jump though.
I blame Lil Pup
When he eats fast he gets the hiccups.
He drinks A LOT of water
This means he has to pee A LOT
That gets annoying.
He is really soft.
River doesn't bite
Or go on the furniture
But he used to sleep under my bed.
Where he snored LOUDLY.
He is my monster.
I love River

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