Thursday, February 11, 2010

I know I can't think of anything else I know.

Life for me so far has been interesting. I'm laying on my couch, listening to my ferret run around the house, playing on my computer. So much has been going on I find myself in a position of confusion. I actually don't know where to start and what to talk about. Let me think... Well...the school year is almost over and I have a pretty big decision to make. I have to decide if i want to teach middle school at MT. Vista next year or if i want to transfer to another school in the district. I have several concerns about both moves. I just can't seem to think about working without Gillis. She is the person that I trust the most and she's been helping me out for the last 3 years. I just don't really know what to decide. Work is going pretty well though. I guess I can't complain too much. The kids still keep me laughing. There is one girl who makes me laugh so hard all the time. Today, Gillis called my phone, the science teacher picked up, and told him that i was needed. We both put our ears up to the phone and this is what we heard. "So 'drab' is one of your vocab words. One definition means lacking in color, boring. The second definition is a noun. It means a slut or prostitute. The kids are wondering which definition you want them to use..." To which the science teacher replied "I like nouns". I laughed and then Gillis told me that all of the children are going around calling each other "drab". I laughed a whole lot. Since I know that everyone loves to hear my stories about work, here is a note that was confiscated. It was sent from a boy to a girl, a day into their relationship.
Hey whats up I know its kinda early in our relationship for me to be write a love note. But I love you and want to be with you forever. Your smell is intoxicating and makes me go to heavan. Your face and body are the most beautiful things that are on the earth. I wish it could be just me and you together forever and we could just have a nice piecefull life. But your friends could come and visit us tho. Being away from you is like having my ankles cut off and then having to run a 4 mile race.

I love the spelling errors. I have my work cut out for me. I love my house. I have completely settled in and i love everything about my house. I love how quiet it is and how i now can walk through it in the dark without running into any furniture. OK...that's a lie. I can walk through my house in the dark with out running into a lot of furniture. The only thing I'm having a hard time doing is decorating. It's not that I'm afraid to put holes in my walls, it's just that i don't know what to put on my walls. Any suggestions?

The last thing that I'm really struggling with is the fact that i REALLY want a dog. I really want Atticus (my future Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier) i can't afford to buy a pure bred dog. I was thinking about fostering dogs through the ASPCA and it sounds like an awesome adventure. I guess i just need to go to the meetings and find out some more information.

Let me know if you want anything else. I'm pretty sure i can come up with some more stuff if i only remembered what I've been doing.

*pictures of my house are soon to come. This time I promise!


brown eyed girl said...

I wish that I had a love letter like that! My favourite part was when he started going on about cutting off his legs. Ahhhhh, young love.

Carla The Christian Canadian said...

If you're thinking of hanging stuff up on your walls and not sure where to start, I have begun a habit of taking artwork out of old antique books, (the older the better) and framing them with cheap thrift store frames. The result is very personalized and unique because some store has not decided on the design, but rather me and my interests and intellect......
For example, if you are into shakepears, find an old book with illustrations from some of your fave shakespear theatre plays and cut them out and frame them in some earthy wooden frames from your nearest Goodwill store..... cheap and uniquely you :)