Tuesday, March 1, 2011

this is my life now... in 20 simple sentences
(bad grammar and all)

1. I work in Coolidge
2. I have 215 students i see every day
3. I teach writing
4. I love my dog who is so stinkin smart
5. I have learned to ride a horse
6. I am taking piano lessons
7. I still own a house
8. I am a temple worker
9. I have a new roommate
10. I am still single
11. I still have hopes of getting married
12. I get to go to girls camp again this year
13. I REALLY want to go camping
14. Sometimes i stalk people on facebook
15. I still wonder what is going on in Jessica's life even though we haven't spoken in 7 years
16. I miss my friends from college...more than i can say
17. I am insanely jealous of all of my friends who are having their own families
18. I wish i knew more people
19. My parents are planning on moving down the road from me in 3 years
20. I like my life...for the most part :)

1 comment:

The Davis Family said...

Fun to see an update from you! I'm glad you're doing well. You should come visit sometime - we can talk about the good old days! My little brothers Steven and Michael are still single if you want to live the farm life. :) Just thought I'd let you know...