Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I know that April 1st is a great holiday...

I must tell you that the 7th grade is full of suckers...small, impressionable minds that will believe anything a teacher tells them. OK, at least whatever I tell them. I'm not so sure about the rest of the teachers but they generally believe me.

The social studies teacher fractures her ankle and tears some ligaments. Which story do you believe?
1. I fell off a sidewalk and my ankle landed funny.
2. I was on the bottom of a cheer-leading pyramid, at the cheer-leading conference of course, and the girl on top sneezed and the pyramid fell on top of me and i hurt my ankle.

Lets just say that my answer was #2 and the entire 7th grade believed me over the story that the social studies teacher told. (Did I mention that she was the Cheer coach?)

So today I get into school and I made copies of a literacy test I have. Me, being the gracious teacher I am, completely ignore my students and rip up their test papers if they talk to me in any way, shape or form. When peer correcting the tests, I told them that if an answer is wrong to rip it up (don't worry, they loved this part). Of course, by the end of the 30 questions, not one test was whole and I then took the indescribable pleasure of informing everyone that they just got 0's on the test. Yes, some of them cried. I took great satisfaction in letting them sweat it out before whispering...April Fools...


The Davis Family said...

I'm so glad we found your blog and I love your April Fool's Day story. You're too funny! It looks like you found our blog before we found yours, so you already know what's going on in our crazy lives. We look forward to more updates from you.


Sarah said...

I remember being a crier in 7th grade. I'm so glad you teach that age.