Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I know that people in Arizona are strange

I guess I should never be surprised at the little conversations I have sometimes...
Background information...
I was wearing a knee length skirt, argyle sweater-vest, white collared shirt and stiletto knee-high boots today...got that? Good

Me- Hello. How are you today?
Random boy leaning against a car by my apt stairs-Good. And you?
Me- I'm doing well, thank you.
Random Boy- I can see that.
Me- (smile and start walking up the stairs)
Random Boy- (stumbling over himself) I mean, no disrespect or anything...um...
Me- (one last smile and before I reach the top of the stairs)

Boys are odd creatures.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that we have a new blog address, it just made things more organized for me. It is http://amberandbensfam.blogspot.com Just wanted to let you know!!

Thanks Ben and Amber Sessions

LOL!!!! You are just irresisitable!!! (not sure if that is spelled right?)

The Deans said...

totally agree...hey our blog is going private for a while, so i need your email address por favor, you can send it my way via jen.l.dean@gmail.com email ; )