Sunday, March 9, 2008

I know that ostriches are ugly.

This past weekend was awesome! Friday began with school getting done without any hitches...until lunch. A bunch of teachers and I went to Sushi Creek for, oddly enough, sushi. Service was EXTREMELY slow and lunch ended up being around an hour and a half with the Kindergarten teacher being called 3 times on his cell phone because the Assistant Principal has been paging him at the school. Let's just say that the day went downhill from there. The AP chewed out some teachers and hurt a lot of feelings. The afternoon remained uneventful until Casey came over and we went the the Ostrich Festival. You see, Collin Raye was playing that night and we all went to see him. It was amazing! We were front row and we were able to sing along to our favorite songs. The last thing we did was visit the petting zoo. I got to pet an ostrich, a kangaroo, a baby zebra and a baby camel. There were also some other odd creatures from Africa and other such places that I was able to pet as well.
Saturday morning brought a lot of sunshine and another beautiful day. Lisa, Jay, Gillis and I went again to the festival. This time we ate ostrich burgers, funnel cakes, french fries and cotton candy. That's right, I said OSTRICH BURGER!!!! One of the highlights was the ostrich races. Not only did they race ostriches, there were llamas, emu's chickens and camels that raced as well. The llamas did not want to race and half the time the riders fell off the ostriches or the ostriches left the gate without the chariot. Lots of laughter and cheers of "Go Ostrich, Go!" We finished our time at the festival with some shaved ice. We left with a lot of sunburn and butterflies air-brushed on our shoulders. It was a great time!

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