Saturday, June 6, 2009

I know that summer vacation is boring

I realize that I have agreed to be a teacher for the rest of my life and one of the things that goes with that territory is summer vacation.

I think that I loved summer vacation as a kid. I remember laying on my trampoline reading books, eating frozen apple juice, laying on my bed watching the curtains blow in the wind...I even remember the rule that my Dad tried to enforce that we were not allowed to go outside after dinner. I am pleased to say that we frequently ignored that rule. Summer was a time spent camping, roasting marshmallows and squishing fire flies on my fingernails. It was bliss...

Summer now is full of boredom. I realize that I am an adult and that I do have the ability to entertain myself all summer long was a lot easier when all of my friends had summers off too. Now, I say good-bye to Lisa in the morning and I read or play on the internet all day until she comes home. Jay and Derek work as do all of my other grown up friends. It's rough being by myself all the time. I still read but I think it's the waiting that is the most irritating.

You see, my friends (or those of you who actually read my blog), I had my summer planned out to perfection...for the purpose of avoiding this time of waiting and boredom. Here was my ideal plan.

School got out on May 22. May 23 I was to leave for Disney and San Diego and come back four or five days later. Then, on June 9th, I was to fly to PA to hang with my sister until July 3rd. Sometime after July 10th my Mom would come and visit and we would go to New Mexico to see her family. She would leave and I would report back to work on July 28th. That would leave me some free time but there would not be a lot of days where I would be bored.

Then I got a phone call...from Tony (my realtor). He told me that I got the house that I had bid on and that we would close on the house on June 18th...RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY TRIP TO PA!!!!!!!!!!!

Which means that all of my plans have changed and I am stuck waiting until I close on my house.

I went to Disney as planned and had a blast, came home and changed my plane ticket. Now I fly to PA on June 30th and the rest of the summer stays the same except I now have 2 consecutive weeks of nothing to do. AND I"M BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But on the up-side...
1. I have a beautiful 4 bedroom house that will soon be mine
2. I get to paint this house whatever colors I want
3. I get to move out of my apt
4. When I move, I might be taking a cat with me
5. I get a free haircut today
6. I still get to see my mom this summer
7. My dad is coming out this summer too!
8. I get to see my uncle shoot off fireworks for the 4th of July!
9. We might have found a good home for our hamsters
10. I get a much better drive to work next year!


Adam R. said...

Wow. You're a big girl now! That's great! A house?! Awesome.

Leah Vanessa said...

Dude... you've got a house!!! You better start packing!

Kayla said...

My heart goes out to you in this your time of need. Summers off and a new house! At least you are handling it with grace.